The Assessor of Property office maintains a large amount of public information on local properties in order to correctly classify and assess them for tax purposes. While the primary purpose for these records and documents is to assist assessment personnel with their duties, this information is also used extensively by other government offices, members of the local real estate, legal and financial communities, as well as the general public.   To view map of your property in Wilson County, click here.

Below are a few of the major information sources and services available at the Assessor's Office:

Property Record Cards

The Assessor creates and maintains an individual property record card on every parcel of property in the county (approximately 53,000). These records are updated weekly by the State of Tennessee Local Assessor System for web viewing. Specific records can be retrieved through use of a computer terminal available to the general public.  Information contained on property record cards includes:

  • street address of the property
  • names of owner(s)
  • parcel identification number
  • address of owner(s)
  • subdivision name (if applicable)
  • lot # (if applicable)
  • dimensions of lot
  • acreage for larger tracts
  • construction types and components for structures (type roofing, foundation, etc.)
  • extra features of improvements (fireplaces, driveways, etc.)
  • value for improvements
  • value for land
  • overall appraisal for tax purposes for land and all improvements
  • assessment classification
  • overall assessment value
  • transfer data, including sales history (amounts, dates, deed volume and page #'s)

Property Maps

The Assessor's Office maintains a set of maps of all properties in the jurisdiction to keep inventory of size, location, and boundary information. These maps are constantly updated through the use of data contained in transfer deeds, registered surveys and recorded plats of subdivisions. Currently, there are approximately 745 maps of record in our office. Wilson County Tax Maps are for Assessment Purposes only. Our tax maps area graphical representation of information.  Your deed is your legal ownership.  Recorded plats are matched with maps to make a graphical representation.  Boundary deeds are mapped to the best of our ability viewing the aerials provided to us that were flown in 2006.  New aerials were flown in 2009 and hopefully they will be available for viewing by late 2010. Copies of all materials can be obtained for a reasonable fee per copy: $.25 per 8 1/2 x 11; $5.00 for 24x36.

Application for Greenbelt Program

Owners of properties that meet the criteria for enrollment in the Greenbelt Program can fill out the application, have it approved, notarized, and recorded (recording takes place in the Register of Deeds located in the same building) all in one short visit. To be effective for the current tax year, the application process must be completed no later than March 1st.

Greenbelt Application

Application for Exemption

Religious, charitable, educational, or scientific institutions which own properties that may qualify for exemption can obtain the applications and assistance in completing them at the Assessors Office. The Assessor of Property does not approve or deny exempt status, that function is performed by the State Board of Equalization.