About Appraisal & Assessment

The Wilson County Property Appraisal & Assessment Department is responsible for the annual valuation of all taxable real and personal property in Wilson County.

What's the difference between appraisal and assessment?

The appraisal is the fair market value of the property. It is an estimate of value based on information gathered by the appraiser, a process that starts with inspection of the property, then comparing that property to recent sales of similar properties, located as close to the subject property as possible.

An assessment is a percentage of the appraised value. It is used to calculate property taxes.Assessments are done on a town-wide basis usually for purposes of equitably levying taxes.  Revaluations of a town's residential properties reflect ongoing market factors to establish current values. An assessment ratio means that your property may only be 80% of what was determined to be the fair market value when the valuation was done.